Scott Kriens

Chairman and Former CEO, Juniper Networks


Scott Kriens is Chairman of Juniper Networks, Inc., and led the company for 12 years since its inception in 1996 through 2008 as Chairman & CEO, growing it to a $4 billion company, with over 9000 employees, serving customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.  Scott also serves as a Director of Equinix, a public technology company and, with his wife Joanie, is a co-founder of the 1440 charitable foundation and 1440 Multiversity, a 75 acre learning destination in the California redwoods, built to support the cultivation of inner awareness, compassion for self and others, and authentic life. 

Kriens is a former member of NSTAC (National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee), in which all members are appointed personally by the President of the United States, and has been called to testify in front of Congress on a number of occasions. Kriens was honored for his entrepreneurial spirit with the 2000 Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year award and named one of Business Week’s top 25 Managers. 


Scott started his work life in a gas station, spending five years as a mechanic as he went through high school and college, graduating from Cal State, East Bay with a BA in Economics in 1979, and then began his professional career selling calculators door to door, and eventually computers to small and mid size companies. He switched from computing to networking in 1986, and from working in established companies to the start up lifestyle, first in helping to found StrataCom for ten years through the mid 90's before the company was sold for $4.5 billion, and then joining Juniper as CEO and co-founder in 1996. 

Why Committed:

While many of us evolve to realizing that how we spend our time is more important than how we spend our money, I believe that our energy is an even more precious human resource than time. To live a generative life, creating more energy in people than I consume, is critical to leading myself and others. Creating positive energy has become my highest intention and an offer to others to join in building a community committed to doing so, separately and together, each in our own way. I believe this is more than an aspiration. It is a tangible, attainable goal, one that we can feel and touch energetically. I have committed my time and the next chapter of my life to elevate this work. The young professionals at the Center are extraordinary and helping them in their leadership journey is an inspiration to me.