Eff Martin

Former Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Technology Group, and Co-founder, CCL


Eff Martin is a retired Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs & Co where he was one of the founders of the firm’s High Technology business. He led Goldman Sachs’ coverage and notable transactions for many of the most prominent technology companies including Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Juniper Networks and Microsoft. Eff Martin is also a founding partner of Anthos Capital. Eff is deeply engaged in several areas of spiritual formation including group teaching and individual mentoring. Eff is a founding member of the Center and brings extraordinary commitment and wisdom for young professionals in their careers and lives.

The Story:

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Eff grew up with a natural aptitude for academics but striving to excel in a sports dominated environment. He earned a Masters degree in Engineering from Rice University and an MBA from Stanford Business School. His deep commitment to living his values guided him throughout his career and he helped build a unique investment banking practice which focused on longer term values and “advising people, not transactions.” This led to his being the financial advisor to the many of the titans of the High Technology industry. A telling indicator of Eff’s authenticity is that he brings that same level of energy, enthusiasm, and engagement to his encounters with young professionals.

Why Committed:

During my career I developed a deep conviction in the ability of young people to change our world for the better. I believe that each person has enormous value and potential, and in this part of my life I want to dedicate myself to helping them grow and flourish. I feel that Conscientious Leadership is a tremendous values-based community which allows me to contribute by coaching and mentoring young people to the best of my ability. I also believe that Conscientious Leadership’s emphasis on personal character development will encourage young people in the single most important part of their development.