Dick Boyce

Former Partner, Texas Pacific Group and Senior Executive, PepsiCo. Inc


Dick recently retired from the partnership at TPG Capital, one of the largest global investment partnerships, owning over 100 companies, with over $140 Billion in revenue. Dick founded and led TPG’s Operating Group, which drives performance improvement across all the TPG companies, from 1997 to 2013. In his first role, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of J.Crew Group, Inc., from 1997-1999, and as a Board member from 1997-2006. He also served as the Chairman of both Burger King Corporation and Del Monte Foods. He currently serves on the board of Allbirds and Vigilant Solutions, was a senior advisor to HP Enterprise, and currently advises at Solamere Capital, Expa, the Morgan Stanley Expansion Fund and the Commit Foundation. Prior to joining TPG, Dick was a senior officer at PepsiCo. Inc. and was previously a partner at Bain & Company.

Dick received a BSE from Princeton University and received his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Dick grew up in rural Pennsylvania, where his first job was selling soft drinks to home builders from a wagon during summers in elementary school. He had great role models in parents who believed in hard work, constant learning, personal accountability, and giving back. He made a habit of joining organizations where both the individuals and the culture spoke to those core principles of a life well lived, and that remains his North star today. The journey is far from complete.

Why Committed:

For years, America has been on a path of questioning the benefits of capitalism.  I am a firm believer in the inherent good of Democratic Capitalism and that as leaders, we must all play our part to encourage human flourishing in our increasingly complex global society. The Center is a unique and powerful community for young professionals to start ‘knowing thyself”, and then appreciating through real stories the core values that lead to better, more thoughtful, longer term choices that benefit both them and those around them. The platform around the Center is having real impact and committed to continuously improving. This ‘movement’ has just begun and I am proud to be part of the effort.