Chip Adams

Former Partner, Rosewood Capital, Former Executive and Board Member, Under Armour and Co-Founder, CCL


Chip is Co-Founder and Chairman of the Center for Conscientious Leadership. Previously, Chip served as Board Member and Chief Performance Officer of Under Armour with primary responsibility for the development of company-wide business strategy, human resources and organizational alignment and processes. Prior to joining Under Armour, Chip founded and was Managing Director of Rosewood Capital for twenty-five years, a private equity firm focused on consumer brands. Currently, Chip serves on the Boards of Directors for Anthos Capital, L.P., ClassPass, and Morgan Stanley Ventures. 


After some early career success, I found myself facing responsibilities well beyond my capability. Wanting a better way, I reached out to three respected business leaders, Wally Hawley, Don Fisher and Warren Hellman, for help. And they became career and life mentors, guiding me through tough decisions, challenging me to be more courageous and purposeful, modelling in their lives what I might strive for in mine. And I’ve learned in my life that any success that I've had, I owe to the many people around me who have helped along the way. And this gratitude evolved over time into a passion and a commitment to provide that similar role model, that similar guidance, to hungry, and capable young people in their lives. I wanted to stand with the hungriest and most capable young people: in an overstimulated world with few role models and little time for relationships, and share some lessons learned.

Why Committed:

In a word: Community. I want to stand with the hungriest and most capable young people: in an overstimulated world with few role models and share their lives as well as a few lessons learned. I did not start CCL because I believe I am a great leader. I am just on a journey of trying to be a better leader each day. But through a long career, I developed deep friendships with many leaders who are uniquely gifted and purposeful…and passionate about mentoring young people. The need seemed so great and the passion of these leaders was so inspirational that in 2016, we founded the Center for Conscientious Leadership.